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Buddygays Review 2023: Is it the Best Gay Hookup Site?

Buddygays Review 2023: Is it the Best Gay Hookup Site?
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 67%
Popular Age 28-45
Profiles 50 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The overwhelmingly large membership base of all gay guys in your area and more;
  • Simple steps of registration and profile setup;
  • Trouble-free profile approval process (no need to upload documents).
  • The best features come at a price;
  • Popups are there when you do not have a membership package.

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Quick Look At Site Structure

The name of the service called Buddygays speaks for itself. It is a platform for finding nsa relationship, marriage, dating, and other forms of communication with gay men. The site is well-designed and structured. The functionality is sufficient for the price the users pay. If you want to become a member of this platform, you need to register and publish a profile. It is an automatic process. Upon the registration, the user gets the chance to access the site. After purchasing a membership, a user gets access to other profiles. With free sailing, there are not many chances to catch a fish. The pool of gay daters on the site is impressive. It includes millions of users from various backgrounds, nationalities, and races. The site can be used from any place in the world. If you are on a business trip or vacation abroad, you are free to roam the space of Buddygays website.



Every service has a target audience, and this one is not an exception. There is a certain category of people that the site tries to attract and satisfy. Knowing the member pool well helps you see if it fits your needs. So, girls who want sex will not find much on this site. It is a site that works for men. These men come to find fun, find partners for various adventures. As much as women want to be the most romantic creatures in the world, they are not.


While there is not much to say about rules of registration at Buddygays chat, there are hints for better profile setup. Open the site and fill in the standard lines with questions. These are just email and password. Note that the password should be easy to remember, and you can add it to the memory in your browser for convenience. When you select your preferences, there is just one option. It says that you are a ‘male’ looking for ‘male.’ If you want to be more specific about your appearance, mindset, and potential partners, you can add that later in the description of the profile. You also need to set the photo for your profile on the step of registration. Think of something where your face is visible and, if possible, the full-height photo. Avoid random pictures, and it should be your real pic since people might think the profile is not real. Most users make a typical mistake of being careless about their profile, but later on, they expect not to encounter fake profiles themselves. If you treat the registration process properly, you will have more chances of meeting a good match later. A verification on the site is performed in the form of a link sent to the email address you provided.

Matching with guys

For sure the most important part of any website is its main function. So, how does adult dating happen? After you get registered, your profile is displayed on the site. It goes to the pool of members actively looking for matches. You also appear in the tabs’ newly registered’, and ‘online users’. It means that daters have many ways to see you without applying search filters. Besides, all people go to the ‘Search’ tab and look for matches manually there. After conducting the searches, they start communicating. It does not mean that they send messages. They can open a profile, add it to the ‘Favorites’ tab and give it some time. However, many spam all online users if they have no clear image of a perfect match. This is why as a new user, you can see a full inbox upon registration. It does not mean that the person is into you already. They are just open to conversations. Note that if you do not pay for a subscription, you will encounter some restrictions. Only a paid account allows you to text anyone anytime. Without payment, you can search for people, save their profiles, and text later when you get upgraded.

Profile Setup at Buddygays

Profile Setup at Buddygays

The profile is the center of attention for users. It is the only thing that represents you before you start communication. You might be a great person, and conversations with you are amazing, but people need to be attracted to your profile first. As practice shows, casual dating community members want to see photos and a lot of them. Updating the profile from time to time keeps it fresh and active. Any sign of activity from your side is good. Login often enough not to miss cool people online. As to the general composition of the profile, it contains the following:

  • Image
  • Bio
  • Video
  • Status
  • Preference
  • Miscellaneous

There are not many fields to fill in when it comes to bio. So, use your imagination to come up with interesting facts. It can be a saying you like or an offer to chat, go out, or even sext. Mind that the site offers you matches based on your profile analysis. It is in your best interest to keep it updated and correct. Avoid lies and misinformation. Be sure to put photos that are not outdated or not yours. No other people should be there as well. Photos with friends or exes are not appreciated either.

Interface and functionality of Buddygays

Interface and functionality of Buddygays

The main page of the site is equipped with instructions and examples. The top panel has sections where you need to use all the features. It has a drop-down menu on the left, shows incoming messages numbers, people who looked at your profile, and those who are on your list of favorites. Below that panel, you can find categories of members. It includes all members, online members, and new people. You can start using the search filters right away. The basic ones include:

  • Photo or no photo;
  • Quality of the photo;
  • Location
  • Status (online or offline)

Down below, you can find some users who are online at the moment. You can see their photo and short info that includes age, location, and distance from you. These are people who are the closest to you.

On the right side of the main page, you can see an ad prompting you to upgrade your account to premium, notifications, and an option to go to your profile. You can edit, update, modify your account anytime. The site is quick, and there is no waiting time for when you use the search filters. Fill in the info, click ‘Find’ and see the results instantly. You can have 10, 20, or 50 candidates on the page in one search. It is obvious that this service is one of the hookup sites that actually work because there are so many users online.

Does BuddyGays have an app?

Does BuddyGays have an app?

Although it seems like there is no better way to find a partner than to install an application, the website proved its worth. There is no difference in using both versions. Buddygays app is on the way, but currently there is a replacement for it. You can open the site in your browser. Luckily, every gadget nowadays is equipped with one. Save the site in the tab and refresh it every time you enter. There is no need to insert the password if you save it beforehand. The version for mobile phones and tablets does not differ from the other one. You can access it freely and it also does not require downloading any plug-ins and does not eat into the memory of your device. Note, all the features are available to you through any version of the site.

Unusual Features

Although looking for sex seems to be simple and does not require many features, BuddyGays has something to offer. In addition to the regular things like profile qualities, quick registration, and possibility to upload not photos but videos as well, there are some unique things you can use:

  • Spam users with one message. It is a feature which you can use when you want to have a conversation with anyone. Surprise yourself and send Flirtcast to people and see who replies. It is like trying your luck and letting yourself see who is into you. Unlike the conversations with people that you selected, these are unpredictable and fun. You can always meet someone who would not fall into your category of interesting people but in reality they are. In the end, casual sex does not require full compatibility test.
  • Games. Another form of getting in touch with people and speaking out about your feelings is playing a game ‘Hot or Not’. You get a set of photos and you need to assess them according to just one criteria. It does not require looking at their profile or analysing their personality. Just let your inner instinct decide. The results of the game are quite surprising. People like each other more than they think. When they are given time, they start picking on small things, and this game brings the real instincts up.
  • Trial. If you are new to hookup sites and want to test it first, a demo version shows new users all the benefits of such dating. Not everyone knows about this feature, and it cannot be issued without the support of the site operators. Hence, drop a line to customer service and get your trial version.

BuddyGays charges

The cost of pleasure is not high at this site. Buddygays messages are not free, and some other services need payment, but it is generally an affordable service. The charges are deducted from the account balance. After registering at the site, you will see the upgrade account button, and there will be an option to choose the payment method. They are numerous. All cards are accepted and some e-wallets too. It depends on the country, currency, and banking that you use. If you have trouble paying, you can text the support of the site indicating that you have a billing problem. The payment processing is instant, so the minute you pay for the membership, you get access to everything. Buddygays review of prices shows getting a membership is convenient and cost-effective. The more you use the site, the less you pay monthly. It is a good deal compared to the prices of other services. This dating subscription will not affect your monthly budget greatly.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

Let’s start with the juiciest offer that the site has. It costs next to nothing but offers some benefits. With this plan, you get to send Buddygays messages and see profiles. You explore the world of dating for a short time and have a chance to make your educated choice. This way, when you pay for a membership, you know what is behind it. The price of a short plan is only $0.99.

The next plan extends to seven days and costs $7. It is the same plan in terms of features but with a longer duration. It is especially convenient when you are on vacation or travel to a new destination and want to meet for sex with locals people, get it. It suits best for short-term experiences.

Premium Plan

Looking for a longer commitment to a service means that you want to get a long-term membership. It can be as long as one or three months. For one month, you need to pay less than $30, and for three, you pay under $50.

What you get if you want to sign up for a longer package:

  • You get all adult hookup features that the site can offer;
  • Hot or not game is available;
  • All profiles are opened, including all the photo galleries.

Getting verified at Buddygays

Getting verified at Buddygays

The site works legally, so it does not allow underage users to register and use the services. It is not an adult content site, but the users are not banned from sharing some. Hence, people under 18 should not be there. There is no verification of age, though. You only need to prove that your email address is working by opening a link. If your address is not compatible with the site, you might need to change it or check the junk mail folder.

How to know if Buddygays is involved in scamming?

Buddygays is a platform that promotes safe casual dating. It does not allow scammers and has moderators working on it. Every user has a button that they can click to report abusers on the site. Abuse is everything that violates your rights. If someone is offensive towards you, tries to blackmail you, asks for money or other favors, you can report it in one click.

If you are older than 18 years old, you are eligible for registration. Buddygays provides legal dating services and has a license for it. There is no worry about using the site if you do not promote illegal things. The site is approved in the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries of Europe and Asia.


Buddygays website has a support team on guard in case the user has any issues with the site. There is one email address that you can refer to with any kind of request. All the letters get sorted by the operators on the other end and forwarded to the specialists. Your issue should be handled within a couple of hours, depending on the time zone. Note that there is also a support section on the site that contains the most popular questions. In many cases, you can sort out your problems yourself.

Similar services to BuddyGays

Similar services to BuddyGays

There are services similar to Buddygays all over the world. Some are international, and some are local. They might be of the same specialization, but the prices and membership base differ greatly. There are also different policies special to every site or app you are using.

  • Tinder is not a platform for gay guys solemnly. However, it is one where you can meet people of all sexual orientation types.
  • Grindr is the strongest competitor of Buddygays since it has a large membership base and popularity all over the planet. It has been promoted in modern TV shows and movies. It is well-advertised and provides a quality service.


How do people use Buddygays?

People come to Buddygays to find friends, soulmates, and just to get laid. If you want to see what is happening there, get a one-day membership and see if it is suitable for your needs.

Can I be hooked up at BuddyGays for real?

If you want to find a person for one night, it is the right place to go. People are not dragging the conversation for ages at Buddygays. They come to see and win. It is more than likely that within the first day or two, you will get hooked up with someone.

What brings more matches at BuddyGays?

The secret to getting more matches lies in having a membership package, using ‘Hot or not’ game every day and even more than once a day. Besides, your profile should stand out. It should not look like a fake Angelina Jolie page but yours.

How does messaging at BuddyGays work?

Buddygays lets the users talk in many ways. You can chat with someone, send Flirtcasts and private messages. You can talk to people online with the chatting option since the messages will not be saved if they are offline. If you want to send a private message, it will be left for the user to open later. The Flirtcasts are aimed at reaching as many people as possible and getting their attention. There is an option to put like on someone’s profile and, in that way, stimulate them to text you first.

How to get rid of the profile at BuddyGays for good?

The site saves your profile information for internal use only. If you want to get rid of the account, you can go to your profile settings and find the button for that. You can also text the support of the site to assist you. It should be no problem to delete the account yourself. After you delete it, the information will still be stored on the site server, but it is not used or shared with anyone.


[email protected]

1 800 764 9523

TimeSpace Services Ltd


BuddyGays Summary

Buddygays website is for gay men only. It is an exclusive space for guys to feel relaxed and satisfy their needs. These can be the needs in conversations, sexting, hooking up, going out, spending a day or weekend with someone new. It is a judgement-free zone for people who feel comfortable meeting new matches daily and like to socialize. It is interactive, you will never be bored. The best thing about the service is that you do not need to spend tons of money and wait for ages to get approved. Buddygays is easy to use and welcoming to everyone.

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