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TenderMeets Review 2024: Bang on Hookup Service or Not?

TenderMeets Review 2024: Bang on Hookup Service or Not?
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Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 58%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 149 600
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Promotes diversity and encourages to break stereotypes about interracial and international dating;
  • Saves time on registration and setting up a profile;
  • Large base of real users. There are not many fake profiles.
  • Requires upgrade to avoid undesired popups and chatbots;
  • Limited chatting option unless paid for;
  • Chatbots are bombarding free profiles.

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Brief Review

It is a good place for people who are working hard but wanting love. The TenderMeets website is an excellent way to meet, greet, and go out. Going out for a drink or potential hookup is simple there. The main focus is on people who are new to getting matches online. As surprising as it sounds, about 40 % of the population in the world are not comfortable with online arrangements. The reason behind that is complex. It is concerned with complicated rules, weird algorithms, and sometimes heartbreaks. However, with TenderMeets, you can experience something new. So, whether you are a new user or have been there for a while, you will be glad to see what it has to offer. The site has been designed as a traditional dating platform that requires profile information about the user, including a nice pic. After authorization, all users are added to the pool of daters. They can navigate through that lane alone or with the help of the site. Search filters and various features are helping people to connect. It is a liberal platform and has no bans for people who are not traditional for the world. Hence, you have a chance to find people from the communities where they are oppressed. It is a very comfortable tool for people who hide their sexual orientation in real life but want to find love.

What isTenderMeets platform like?

What isTenderMeets platform like?

It is a serious and reputable platform for people who want more than to get laid. People come to search for meaningful relationships with other like-minded candidates. It doesn’t matter what sexual orientation or belief the person is; everyone is united by the same deep desire to find a lover for life or at least try to make it for life. The site is not sophisticated; it is pretty straightforward. Its features are well-known to everyone using social networks. If you have an account anywhere, you will grasp the scheme here in a second. It is a simple messenger with emojis, text messages, spam messages, and emails. However, there is a trick. People are constantly messaging, and it does not mean a date. But on TenderMeets chat, you communicate with a person who has the same purpose. You both want to get in touch, date, and have a relationship. The kind of contact will be selected by both participants later in the process of communication. To be honest, social networks are free of charge, and this site charges for your conversations. The price is a membership that you need to purchase if you want to continue talking to someone you fancied. There is no way to cheat the system and avoid payment.

How is TenderMeets operating?

It is a casual dating community with an emphasis on a stress-free atmosphere. It creates a friendly environment for people to discuss their dating experiences. When it comes to talking, you can give a try to chat rooms. They are divided into topics, so you will not be bored with the topic that you don’t want to discuss. Select the right group and the right discussion and enjoy. The site promotes freedoms of all the minorities, so nobody feels judged for expressing ideas like being gay, childfree, or abstaining from casual sex for the sake of finding marriage. You can start a chat room and introduce your ideas to people to see what they think. The truth is born in conversations, and TenderMeets chat is a facilitator of such talks. The support team is always on guard to see whether your rights are not violated. Besides, there are moderators who take care of making the space safe. The last thing you want from the dating site is to get a freaky admirer. With that in mind, the site creators emphasize privacy and ban sharing personal information.

Becoming a member of TenderMeets

Becoming a member of TenderMeets

If you are looking for an adult hookup, you need to be an adult yourself. Hence, only 18+ users are allowed to register. A person without a registered account is not permitted to look through profiles. Although the site does not contain much adult content, it is a service for those who reached legal age. Erotic images are not banned from the profiles.

The registration starts on the site’s landing page, and it is located in the top left corner. It offers to fill in your information and click ‘Join Now. After you click the pink button, you are taken to the profile. You only need your password and email to sign in. If you do not want to forget the password, add it to the password saver in your browser. The same can be done on the phone or tablet. Make sure you indicate your email and age correctly. The email is important for verifying your age for the matches that will consider you as a candidate. Some people avoid users under a certain age, so you will never meet them if you lie about your age. All the stereotypes and prejudice of real-time dating do not apply online. Here people are not interested in numbers much but more interested in individual and their inner world. So, it is recommended to stick to the truth about yourself.

How to get in touch on TenderMeets?

If you are looking for guys or girls who want sex and relationships, it is up to you. Multiple options facilitate your communication. Some are well-known to you, and some will be new. In general, this platform is focused on long-term communication. While hookup swiping sites bet on the speed of swiping, this one stimulates you to talk more. Therefore the chatrooms, private messaging, emailing are used to promote conversations. When people talk, they discover different sides of each other before they even meet. It is a good practice since the real date will be more comfortable and less awkward. Every person has topics they are fine and not fine talking about. It is easy to sort out what your taboos are and what should be left aside. People tend to be more honest in online conversations. For example, you can find out if a person wants safe casual dating, or just a hookup, or maybe marriage.

TenderMeets Member Pool Characteristics

TenderMeets Member Pool Characteristics

Unlike the sites that host people looking for sex only, this platform is full of relationship-seekers. It means that mature and adult people are dominant on the platform. It does not mean that 20-year-olds do not populate the site. But the majority is composed of people between the ages of 28 – 37 years old. 40 – 45-year-olds take second place. In terms of gender equality, it is needless to say that females are more numerous. It is natural for dating sites. Men are usually older, and they are in their 30s and 40s when they come to the platform to look for commitment. The situation with women is different – young women in their twenties are desperately looking for husbands. The category of 18-20-year-olds is not very numerous.

Meeting Fake Profiles

There is a common stereotype that says online daters are looking for nsa relationships only. It is a harmful misconception. Modern reality dictates different rules for daters and forces them to move online. Time is critical when you are moving up your career ladder or getting your degree.

So, if you are one of the busy bees of the world, you need to be introduced to TenderMeets. However, you can forget to keep the guards up for the scammers and hackers with all the vanilla stories. The world is still full of bad people and bad intentions. There is always a chance that someone will want to use your personal information or steal your credit card details. Financial scammers are numerous and the most aggressive. They try to get all the information they can about you to get to your bank account.

Avoid such people by following simple steps:

  • Make sure you are not talking to a chatbot but a person;
  • Ask questions and memorize the answers;
  • Do not give any information to the person, and do not do anything that sounds suspicious to you. If you feel like you would not ask for such information, ask yourself why the person is asking you that;
  • Try not to talk to people who are overly eager to talk with you and send you too many spam messages.

TenderMeets Interface specifications

TenderMeets Interface specifications

This platform belongs to the category of hookup sites that actually work hard to improve the safety of people. Hence, the design might not impress you, but the technical side looks fancy. It is a platform that an amateur hacker will not easily take down. Your profile is secure even if your password is not very strong. Besides, the payment is handled by different companies that make sure that it is conducted correctly and under protection. Such features as searching, sending and receiving messages, and adding photos are instant. It means that you do not spend ages waiting for something to load. You can also use TenderMeets from any gadget of your choice.

TenderMeets Mobile

Although there is no TenderMeets app, but you can still use it with your phone without troubles. Just open the site in any browser and save it as a tab. Click on the tab to keep you always logged in, so you do not need to enter the password over and over again. Use it on any OS and browser.

Feature Design

Feature Design

TenderMeets has standard features which are similar to other dating platforms. There are some worth pointing out, though:

  • Stay in a safe mode by covering your traces. Visit profiles, open photos, and read about the person without being noticed by anyone.
  • Likes. Put likes on the profiles that you like and wait for an answer. It is a feature that works like swiping. But instead, you open the section “Like Gallery” and click on a heart if you are interested in a person. You will see a photo of a candidate and the question on top asking if you find them cute or not.

TenderMeets charges

As it was established, the site charges for services. The TenderMeets review of prices shows the average fee. It is a bearable and affordable price on the market. It is cheap compared to elite platforms. Paying for talk is needed since you have a limit of messages you can send if you are a free roamer on the site. It is not a rare practice; most reputable sites have fees because it helps them to protect the platform and save it from hacking attacks. Besides, you get better client support with the paid membership.

Being non-paying member

Being non-paying member

All the TenderMeets’ newcomers have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the site at their own pace and without being charged. The accent is on ‘get acquainted.’ You can hardly contact anyone or have a proper conversation without paying for a subscription. You can exchange a limited number of messages with the person you like if you do not pay for membership. But it is only unless you decide to become a paid one.

Free stuff:

  • Messages but with the limited number;
  • Customer support;
  • Permission to open profiles of other users and see a limited number of photos;
  • Full text of profile, all the bio that person added.

Being paid member

It changes your access level when you purchase a premium status on TenderMeets.

With the membership of any price, you are able to:

  • See all the information of the site and get access to all the sections;
  • Look at profiles of other people without hidden parts;
  • Use mode that makes you invisible when you look at someone’s profile.

The prices will pleasantly surprise you if you are willing to pay. The membership can last one, three, or six months. It costs about $35, $60, and $96 correspondingly. Sometimes you can find a sale on the site or get a discount. There is usually a popup window that informs about that. There are numerous things that you need to know about membership plans. They are beneficial for you because more users will become available to you. Your searches will be enriched with profiles of better quality.

TenderMeets Safety Protocol

TenderMeets Safety Protocol

As every trustworthy platform, TenderMeets do all the best to warn people about potential security breaches. It can be anything from a phishing link to a blackmailer. Follow all the instructions of the site if you want to avoid encounters with negative characters. The site will prevent you from meeting a bad person and will let you freely meet for sex with someone you really want.

How to check that TenderMeets is not scamming people?

The site has a reliable domain and support team that looks after its maintenance. The moderators accept all the complaints about offenders on the site. Although they do not conduct proper checks, they do watch the activity of people on the site. If the user is not active or behaving badly, the administration warns and asks to change. Scammers are immediately banned from the site forever.

Is TenderMeets a certified platform?

The site has all the needed credentials to work. It is acknowledged as a legal service in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and European countries. The site works according to the law, protects users, and provides a secure and fair environment for all people.

Can the profile on TenderMeets be anonymous?

Every user has the right to stay private. People come to meet others on the site, but not everyone is willing to share personal information on the dating service with the world. If you want to avoid spreading this information, you need to attach the profile to an email unrelated to work. Also, you can purchase an exceptional service that will allow you to stay in a safe mode and be invisible to all the users on the site.



If you need any guidance regarding the services, you can always message the TenderMeets support team. The topic of your email should include a short description of the issue. It can be a ‘problem with profile,’ ‘query about prices,’ ‘query about security, etc. The operators receive the messages and send them to the corresponding specialists. You should receive the answer within 24 hours.

What brands are alternatives to TenderMeets?

What brands are alternatives to TenderMeets?

The world of online dating is full of options, and some are just as good as TenderMeets. Take a look at these alternatives:

  • OkCupid is a brand that belongs to an influential company that specializes in datings. It is a site where you can find a spouse, partner, and best friend. The prices are average, and the services are worth paying for.
  • MatureAttractions is a place for adults to find fun, love, socialize and hook up. It has a little bit bigger audience than TenderMeets has, but the prices are a bit higher.


With what aim do people use TenderMeets?

The users of the site are mostly single people looking for a committed relationship. It is not only a place for straight people but representatives of all communities also.

Is TenderMeets of good quality?

Undoubtedly the quality of the site speaks for itself. It is a platform with millions of users, and numbers can tell more than words.

Where does TenderMeets stand in comparison to Tinder?

It is an equal competition. But however, Tinder still associates with hookups and flings only. TenderMeets provides more chances of meeting the love of your life.

Is there a feature to get rid of TenderMeets profile for good?

As with any profile, you can terminate it or hide it temporarily. You can find this option in profile settings. Note that money will not be refunded if you use half of your subscription.



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This platform is leading in the direction of deep connections among other hookup sites. This site invests in design, interface, and functionality. It helps people to have deep conversations. All the pricing policies are not changing, so if you purchase a subscription for a year, you can be sure that there will be no surprise upgrades. Since the site has a good history and numerous customers’ reviews, people trust it. For sure, your success depends on your communication skills. If you are too shy to get in touch with people, adult dating might seem hard. But calm down and just keep in mind that the person is not right in front of you. Desire to find a genuine connection and willingness to forget the fear of being rejected is the key.TenderMeets messages are able to satisfy your needs and can help you to find someone even if you are shy or new to dating. Take chances but always be aware of fake people. They can come into your life at any moment, but your inner feelings and safety procedures will help you to avoid them. TenderMeets is an excellent place to start dating again!

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