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Benaughty Review 2024: Is Benaughty reliable?

Benaughty Review 2024: Is Benaughty reliable?
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Guaranteed hookup
  • Immense member base of singles
  • Proper security procedures
  • No requirement to fill the profile, so a lot is not informative enough
  • No access to the gallery of other users without paying

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Basic information about the service

When looking for sex, there is no better site than Benaughty. It was designed in 2007 specifically for people who want to break the stigma. It is a traditional way that bothers multiple singles who are not into commitment. It was a bold move back then, and nowadays, it is the new normal. Although the company is registered in Malta, it is managed by an American team of entrepreneurs. The main audience consists of English-speaking people from everywhere. Finding a person of any sexual orientation and from any background takes seconds with the services. Taking into account the competition on the market, the site has been doing well for ages. Its basic and advanced features have effectively worked and brought thousands of people together over the years.



Many hookup sites do not provide the results but hold people in limbo for ages. Not every service brings the desired outcomes. Hence, when eager daters register somewhere, they want to feel the excitement of getting it. Benaughty is not a site full of geeks who could not find their lovers in real life. It is a place where busy, working people match together and have real pleasure. Hookups and one-night stands happen there every minute of the time. People come register and let their hair down. They write down secret desires and sexual fantasies. They also feel free to talk about their sexual orientation and present untraditional relationships. It promises that you will get laid as soon as you start searching. The atmosphere at the site can be described as anxiety-free. You definitely will not find on the site serious, committed relationships. It is more likely to find someone looking for a mistress there. The cherry on top is a security procedure that lets people who want to be free in their choices also enjoy the non-judgmental environment.


Benaughty website operates similarly to all the traditional services with some special features. It owns the matchmaking system designed specifically for hooking up people. It means that there is no requirement for a thorough personality assessment. There is a requirement for photos, well-organized profiles, and direct conversations. The couple does not need their zodiac signs to match if they only want to meet for sex.



All the visitors on the site have to create a profile, but it is not a big deal. There is no such thing as a personality or identity check. Since people want to find what they came for quickly, they do not wish to spend ages on registration. That wish was taken into consideration. Becoming a member of Benaughty app or website is a piece of cake. So, if you decide to become naughty, get an email address and find yourself a nickname that expresses the level of your horny personality. It is recommended to make it as attractive as possible. If you have a good sense of humor, you can get a funny nickname. That trick never gets old. To create an account, you also need to decide on the best payment option for you. Do you want PayPal, Skrill, credit card, and then which bank? These things should be considered before you make a payment for the subscription. Note that there is no fee for registration or uploading photos. You need to pay for the membership package only. No fees were detected as well. All the site charges costs are described in the terms and conditions. The site is not a scam.

How to get matched at Benaughty?

How to get matched at Benaughty?

To find your perfect adult hookup, you need to have a well-kempt profile. Here are some things that you need to put down:

  • How old are you?
  • Who are you looking for? (straight, lesbian, gay, a couple, swingers, BDSM lover, etc.).
  • Your appearance
  • Your preferences

There is no special algorithm that sets people up. You are free to browse the profiles of people online or just register. If they are not online, you can put like on their profile and add to your favorites. Later on, when they are online, you can start a chat. The chat can be the instant or average messenger. Benaughty messages let you leave the text for later. However, note that people offline will receive hundreds of texts, so yours might get lost. It is better to contact people online first.

Members of Benaughty

Members of Benaughty

The platform attracts the attention of people from different backgrounds. Unlike most niche websites, it does not focus on one category of people. Hence, you can find a twenty-year-old looking for a casual dating community. You can also find a single cougar mom looking for a man to satisfy her for one night. The average age category on the site is 25 -35 years old. People come from different countries as well. Some are locals, and some are travelers. It is a site that one thinks of when they plan a trip. Imagine you are going on a business trip to another city, and it happens to you quite often. Get in touch with available locals and have someone join you for a drink or share a bed with you. If you have a fantasy about some hot boy from Argentina and think it is an unachievable aim, check out Benaughty review and see how many fantasies you can get done. You might be the fantasy of some person, so make yourself available for them to see you on the site. The main trick is uploading a lot of images and videos.

Staying away from fakes

Benaughty website is well-protected from hackers. It is a well-designed platform with a good layer of protection provided by the firewall. Yet, the scammers often have sophisticated minds and never stop mastering their skills. Dating sites are often targets of attacks. The scammers source information about people, their card numbers, their identities. Also, the sites that allow nudity and erotic content are juicy for someone seeking blackmail. Hence, be aware of the scammers, their strategies, and their intentions. You can find all the warnings on the site, but also need to read safe casual dating tips online. Stay away from people who ask too much from you from the first conversation. If they want to see your ID or have a phone number, communication with them is not safe. Politely decline such requests since they jeopardize your safety.

How does Benaugthy platform look?

How does Benaugthy platform look?

The landing page is decorated with the imagery of young, sexy sweethearts. It is a hint of what you are going to see on the site. The name speaks for itself, and the site is great for people who are horny and want to play naughty games. So, the overall look of it is five out of five. The color palette is grey and orange. Then you can see the registration form, and from the look of it, you know what information the site asks you to provide. All the buttons work quickly; there is no waiting on the site regardless of the feature you want to use. Besides, there are some useful pop-up windows that remind you about subscriptions, stats on the site, new matches, new people online or registered. Benaughty chat is instant and interactive. It allows emojis, attachments, and gifs.

Is there a Benaughty app?

You can find the app in your online app store regardless of the OS you are using. It is compatible and multifunctional. The rating in most app stores it has is four and higher. It works without glitches, and all the conversations from the app or mobile version can be tracked in your website version. If you have a video chat, you can easily switch from the laptop to the phone. Using the app appears to be more convenient since you can upload the photos from your gallery to the site or conversation directly. The app does not eat into your device’s memory, in case you count every gigabyte you have. It also does not trash your browser and phone with much cache or cookies. It is simple in installment and deletion.

Unique Functions

While it is hard to come up with new ideas of communication, Benaughty is not last on the list of creative sites. It is one of the hookup sites that actually work to set people up and not confuse them or drain money. So, you can use some special features that bring you more matches within seconds:

  • Support Agents. If you hesitate about contacting someone, using certain features, and want to know how to top up your balance, you can drop a letter to the support. The reply will not keep you waiting.
  • Creating lists of users. If you scroll and see that some people are offline, but you might be interested in talking to them, put them into the list of favorites and come back to it later. The number of users online is growing every second; hence you will encounter a situation where you get to look at too many profiles. To make a good choice and not regret losing the person, add their profile and see to it later.
  • Find me. It is a search option that lets you select the criteria for matches. You get to select their age range and location. You can look for a person of one gender at a time. If you are bi, conduct searches twice, one for males and once for females. You do not need to specify that you want nsa relationship since most people are there for the same reason.
  • Flirtcasts. These are small messages that you can send to many people at the same time. This coin has two sides, though. You will reach out to dozens of people online, but they might also feel a bit disrespected if your message is not personal enough. You can send an offer of casual sex if you want. Someone might be expecting it and take you up on it immediately.

Shall I pay for a Benaughty subscription?

Shall I pay for a Benaughty subscription?

Your monthly budget will not lose much from paying for subscriptions. Dedicate some thirty or fifty dollars a month to your dating life. Guys and girls who want sex need to face reality, and it is online dating. It comes in different forms, but it is a universal rule that you need to pay to get served better. You can cancel the subscription anytime and the money can be returned. If you use an international banking system or a better online wallet, you can save on fees or even avoid them.

Standard membership

The membership varies depending on the plan cost. Males and females get unequal treatment. There is definitely more free stuff for women. The free things that everyone gets from the site are:

  • Profile setup and servicing (updating info and photos);
  • Using search filters;
  • Creating a list of favorite people on the site;
  • Get notifications about the activity on your profile;
  • Get verified.

To set up and start the journey, basic membership works well. However, to continue and have actual interactions with people, you will need to become a premium member. To be fair, the memberships vary and suit all the needs of all the budget sizes.

Upgraded Membership

The good thing is that the site gives you a demo version that you can use for one day by paying about $1. Then, you can move up to the one-month type that costs about $30. The three-month package will come at a price of almost $17 per month and total $48. These prices are for males. Special services exist for women who want to improve their experience on the site. These are extras that cost from $12 to $30 per month. Every package includes some services. After using the site for some time, one knows for sure which features work best. Hence, it is easier to select the right package.

What are the procedures of security and verification at Benaughty?

Benaughty does not offer any special or sophisticated procedure of verification. You do not need to provide your documents. A link confirmation comes to your email and takes about ten seconds. After you get the link, your profile is published instantly. Within a couple of minutes, after it is shown to the public, you will get your first likes and messages. This happens within minutes, so get ready to have fun.

How to check if Benaughty is a scam?

Benaughty has been on the market for a respectable amount of time. It has a lot of positive feedback. The site is constantly upgraded and improved. So, there is no reason for suspicion. You can read the terms and conditions of the site to make sure that your rights are protected and you know how it functions. There should be no people of illegal age and no blackmail or human trafficking. In case users notice anything, they are encouraged to report it to the site. The profiles that violate the rules get banned and deleted for good.

Does Benaughty function legitimately?

It is a legally functioning website that has permission to work in most countries of the world. It is approved by the laws of all states of the USA, in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The list can be continued.

Does Benaughty protect anonymity?

It is a site that allows anonymity. If you want to hide your name, you can come up with a nickname of any kind.

Support For Daters

There is no support via online chat. The users can contact the support team via email. There is a form that you can find at the bottom of the page. Fill it in, specify what type of problem you have and send it. If you indicate your problem correctly, the issue will be solved sooner. The support team speaks English, so make sure you write your letter in English.

What are the services similar to Benaughty?

Benaughty is a niche website that still has some competitors. Some services provided similar opportunities for daters. The most popular platforms of this type are:

  • Bumble. A website with women in focus. Females have more rights than men. The matches are made and given a certain time limit to work out. If people do not connect and start talking, their match will disappear.
  • Tinder. This platform has been one of the pioneers of hookup dating. However, with time it changed its specializations to attract more people. Nowadays, you can meet people who look for marriage on Tinder.


How do people use Benaughty?

It is a great service for people who look for one-night stands and quickies. If you want to find a man or woman who does not have any desire to get into serious relationships, it is the right place.

How to check if Benaughty is a real website for hooking up?

Benaughty is a hookup site that works non-stop to connect horny individuals all around the globe. It is a legit service with a proven database.

How to check if it is better than Tinder?

Benaughty is a platform for people who want easy conversations and effortless dating. If you are one of those, you will definitely see how Tinder is different. While on Tinder, it takes ages for someone to match up with you. Here, you do not need to wait. You can reach people instead of waiting for them to like your photo.

How do I get rid of Benaughty profile?

Decide what you want to do with your account and proceed with one of the following options:

  • Delete the account for good. It will mean that the profile is erased and will never be shown to others again. The site preserves its information but never shares it with anyone again.
  • Freeze your profile. It means that you do not erase the profile but only put it on hold temporarily. There is no limit as to how long it can be paused. If you decide to go back to active dating, you will need to reset the password. Your information will be preserved as well as photos.


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Online platforms serve your needs best if you want to experience proper adult dating. Get in touch with your inner desires. Stop hiding what you really want and let it all out on the site. You will see how many like-minded people are around you. The search for a partner can be performed locally or internationally. It does not mean that you have to meet a person. You can even find yourself a penfriend of an adult type. If sexting helps you take your mind off the routine and problems, why not find a hot guy from Spain for that? If you are learning French and want to sext in the world’s most romantic language, why not meet a French lover online? Upload good pictures to your profile, and success is guaranteed. All people want from you there is to know that yours is not one of the fake profiles. They want to see who you are and be sure that there is no judgment.

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