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FatFlirt Insight 2023: Chubby Paradise or Not?

FatFlirt Insight 2023: Chubby Paradise or Not?
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 1 120 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Cheap service that helps chubby people meet for sex;
  • Enough features for communication;
  • Well-designed website;
  • The membership base contains actual curvy males and females.
  • Fake accounts;
  • Absence of proper moderation;
  • No age verification;
  • No background check for users;
  • There is no FatFlirt app.

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This dating platform was set up by a company that looked into developing their dating services and making them inclusive. For a long time, looking for sex, being chubby was a taboo. There was a belief that large people are not attractive to anyone. Even large people were believed to be into smaller sizes. However, the FatFlirt website proved them all wrong when the membership pool grew to a million users from all over the world. It broke the stigma for people who have a size larger than L. Judging from the success of the platform, it is obvious that even skinny males and especially males are into large, curvy women. The studies show that men find women with large hips more attractive since they are naturally prone to having a better reproductive system. True or not, but the fact is clear that chicks with the size XXL are cool and popular.

How does FatFlirt function?

How does FatFlirt function?

It is a platform with a standard set of tools for meeting, searching, and communicating. It allows for starting friendships, romances, hookups, one-night stands, and even longer relationships. Whatever your desire is, there is a high chance that Fatflirt chat can give it to you. Membership packages come at a certain fee, and there are some free options. It is better to get a paid account since with the free ride, you do not get much insight. Being a free user, you can assess the design of the platform, search for a person and get limited results, and finally, register. There is no fee for registration which is already a bonus. FatFlirt does not charge for the account maintenance, and there are no hidden charges detected so far. It works with all the currencies and payment systems and accepts users of any race, nationality, and beliefs. There is nothing special about the matching algorithm. It is fueled by the information that users provide about themselves. If you wonder about the sincerity of the information, it is not checked. The site does not have the authority to go into private details of people, nor it has the right to collect documents, like ID or passports. So, there is no risk of losing some vital information and being subjected to personality theft.

Signing up procedure

The main things you need to know about registration are:

  • It is free of charge;
  • It does not require any documents;
  • It is quick;
  • It does not require verification of your phone number;
  • It requires your email address;
  • It does not automatically grant you a membership;

When you register, you only express your will to try out services. It means that you are eligible for a free trial that includes some basic things. It does not mean that you can jump to the whole world of Fatflirt messages, chats, and profiles. After creating your profile, you will see a message offering you to get an upgrade. It means that you are a free member for now, and you have limited rights, such as:

  • Restricted access to profiles (meaning you do not see all the photos);
  • You have only five messages that you can send to users (some users do not allow free members to send them messages, note that);
  • You have a limited time in a chat (there is a chance that you start a conversation and it ends because your time as a free user expired);
  • You do not see all members even if you use the search filters to find a specific type of candidate.

Staying in touch with other users

Staying in touch with other users

Before you start contacting people, you need to know the following about the casual dating community:

  • Members are looking for specific things, and they might not reply if your request does not fall in their interest zone;
  • If you are a free members, they might not want to start a conversation with you because you will be out of free messages soon;
  • If you contact people with the status offline, you might not get a reply from them for ages, so bet on people who are online with the green dot on their profile;
  • Some users use Flirt Casts quite often to attract the attention of many people at once, so you might get days when your inbox is full of spam texts. They are not malicious but tricky.

If you decide to take it seriously and start contacting members, you can send them private messages. With the paid Membership, your options are not limited. It is recommended to personalize your content since the person will feel like fake profiles are contacting them if everyone sends the same ‘hi’ or wave text. Consider likes as a way of staying in touch with people. If you like their photos or like them in a game (‘Like’ gallery’), they will notice your profile. Although it is not direct contact, it works for many people even better. If you are shy, it is the best way to show someone that you are interested. Pay attention to your profile and make sure that people see that you are an open-minded person and open to suggestions of any kind if you want to be popular at the FatFlirt site.

Setting up User Profile at FatFlirt

If you are not a talker and writing about yourself is not your thing, use the help of the Internet. Make sure that your profile looks legit. One of the critical things that stand in the way to get laid on dating platforms is a bad profile organization. Many users are careless about the content they publish on their page, and it is a huge mistake. Some profiles at FatFlirt look poor because they lack vital information and photos. Even worse is when the photos are of a random celebrity or from the 80s. Note that uploading a couple of selfies where you smile or do something you like automatically raises the rating of your profile.

FatFlirt User Interface

FatFlirt User Interface

Most hookup sites have a similar interface. It includes the main panel with the sections that take you to:

  • Interaction features like chat, messages, like gallery, profile visitors, etc.;
  • Account settings;
  • Promotions (upgrades of Membership, bonuses, discounts, news);
  • Profiles;
  • Search panel.

The bottom panel of the site has all the sections that users visit rarely. However, if you are interested in policies, money-back guarantees, and terms of use of the platform, you are welcome to check it out. This panel takes you to the section with the contact details of the platform too.

FatFlirt Mobile Version

FatFlirt is a good platform for those who want to use a laptop. It is not launched as an app just yet. However, it is possible to use it from your phone, tablet, or any device you can think of. It is one of those hookup sites that actually work from a browser and do not need an app for that. If you want to send a message from mobile, it will be automatically represented on your laptop as well. Both versions sync well. There is no glitch or delay in updating the information sent from the mobile.

Additional Features

Looking for nsa relationship connection is simple because platforms created modern ways of communication. The basic features include sending messages and talking in instant chat. It means that you make an immediate connection and see the results of it right away. Some features are considered to be extra, and they help you up to your game. These are:

  • ‘Likes.’ It is a feature that takes you to the set of pictures. You get a certain number of profiles offered daily. They are selected randomly without taking into account your preferences. The excitement and adrenaline of that game are in the fact that you do not have time to look into their profiles and find the negatives. It is a check for a first-sight like. If you see a photo and the first feeling you get is a nice butterfly in the stomach, it is the right match. Send like and wait for them to contact you. It is more than enough to establish a proper connection for casual sex.
  • Spam messages are called ‘Flirtcasts.’ It is a type of message that you can send to a certain number of people at a time. You can write something like ‘I’m looking for a lover tonight’ and send it to ten people online. As practice shows, at least three people reply to such a message and offer. It is an adult dating site, so not many are shy to acknowledge the reason why they are there.

FatFlirt Membership

FatFlirt Membership

Looking for dates at FatFlirt for free is not as effective as with the paid account. It upgrades you and gives an abundance of options. It is a cheap service since the price for Membership is below the average bill that online platforms charge. The most you spend on the premium package is $30 a month. FatFlirt review of prices shows that it is sufficient to get a longer plan and pay less monthly. If you are concerned about the payment system and tracking of receipts, check out the policies. It is possible to pay via an online wallet, like PayPal, and also with Visa or MasterCard. The site is legal, so bank transfers are instant. There is no need to verify the payment. There are no additional charges unless the bank you use applies some.

Free plan

Most users come to the site and use the free benefits for the first couple of days. However, the limited capabilities force them to purchase some membership packages. If you are a free user, you get:

  • Free sign up and profile setup;
  • Free searches;
  • Free messages (limited number);
  • Free access to profiles of selected users;
  • Limited time in ‘Like gallery.’

Upgraded plan

Switching to the upgraded plan means that you get access to the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Flirtcasts;
  • Unrestricted access to full profiles to all the users on the site (new, premium, free and restricted accounts);
  • Unlimited access to all the communication features at FatFlirt.
  • The pricing is the following:
  • Start with one week and pay only $7 per week;
  • Upgrade to one month plan and pay $29 for it;
  • The three months plan costs about $17 per month and $49 in total.

Note that every subscription plan has a renewal set by default. So, if you’ve used the package, it will renew itself without asking. The money will be detected in the same way as you paid the first time. If you want to prevent it, change the settings of your account in the section ‘ Membership.’ There is no additional charge for switching from one plan to the other. If your subscription expires, the history of previous messages is still available, but you might not be able to send messages to the users you communicated with before. It will be saved through and refreshed when you get the plan again.

FatFlirt Verification and Safety

FatFlirt Verification and Safety

The platform presents itself as a safe casual dating community. It means that it is not a website where adult content is forbidden. Only adults are allowed to use it, so exchanging nudes or dirty jokes is not banned. There is no age verification, though, so every user has to check the age of a person in the process of communication. The safety of communication is maintained with the help of moderators on the site. They look into the complaints of other users. If someone is nagging you with weird or dodgy requests, you can report that profile, and the team of moderators will check it. Follow these simple tips if you want to stay away from online scammers:

  • Check the profile of a person for discrepancies with the store they tell you;
  • Select the profiles that have real photos on them;
  • Do not provide any contact details or links to your social networks to people on the dating site;
  • Do not send your exact location to other users until you get to know them better;
  • If you go out for your adult hookup, pick a crowded, public place for the first meeting.

If you are interested in recent updates on safety, you can read them in the blog on the site.

Are there scams on FatFlirt?

The site does not aim at scamming people. However, the verification system has its drawbacks, so scammers can get through the registration process easily. There is a chance that you will meet a fake account or someone who has malicious intentions. It is vital to stay attentive and discrete about personal details. Report suspicious profiles right away, and the support team will handle them.

Is FatFlirt a licensed platform for adult hookups?

The site has all the terms and conditions and privacy protection procedures laid out. They are written in accordance with international law. FatFlirt does not conduct any illegal activities and does not encourage users to spread forbidden content. The team of moderators is employed to keep track of all the activity on the site and identify potential threats.

Customer Support

Customer Support

To take care of all the queries from existing and potential customers, the site employs a team of support agents. They work in shifts and consider all requests round-the-clock. There is a standard time of reply to every email, and it is about 2-3 hours. It depends on the type of issue. You are welcome to address the support for discounts, questions about signing up, or payment.

FatFlirt and Other Similar Services

FatFlirt is a well-known but not the only source of dating service for large people. It is one of the numerous leaders on the market. It provides the lowest prices, though. If you are willing to explore the options, you can take a look at:

  • BBRomance
  • BBWFriendsDate
  • Cupid


What is the purpose of FatFlirt?

It is a platform for matching people who feel comfortable in their plus-size bodies. Note that not all users are plus-size. Many girls who want sex with large men come to the platform to find their chubby lover. The same applies to males who admire curves and busty ladies.

Is fatFlirt legit and effective for hookups?

FatFlirt is a platform with proven feedback from users. It unites people who want sex, friendship, and the satisfaction of their dirty fantasies. Hence, it is a real multipurpose dating site.

What is the secret of getting more matches at FatFlirt?

The first step you need to take is to purchase a membership. Without upgrading your account, you cannot see the full membership pool. Also, you cannot send as many messages as you could. Be active and text people. Reply to Flirtcasts, and do not be shy to ask for what you want. It is a shame-free zone, so you can be indiscreet about your desires.

Can I contact other members via messages at FatFlirt?

The site facilitates messages, instant chat, and emails. There is a notification on your email whenever someone texts you. If you want to freely contact anyone, you need to be a paid member since free users get a limited amount of messages daily.

What is the procedure for terminating your account at FatFlirt?

If you want to stop using the site temporarily, you can pause the subscription and profile. However, in case you want to get rid of it for good, you need to go to your account settings and cancel the subscription. Note that if it started already, you could not get the money back. Then you need to click the button ‘delete account’ and answer a short questionnaire. It will ask you for a reason for such a decision. After you delete it, the profile will be erased and not shown to other users. Your information will be saved on the site for some time, for internal use only.



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If you are a girl who weighs a bit more than average and you think that you are deprived of male attention, check out the site and forget about loneliness for good. Males and females who have fantasies about their chubby lovers come to the site to meet, have fun, have sex, and find sincere connections. You can date or just communicate with people and boost your confidence. It is a platform that guarantees your privacy, safety and lets you let your hair down. The pricing policy is luring since it costs next to nothing. The membership base of the site allows you to talk to new people every day. FatFlirt is more than a dating platform; and it is almost a social network.

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