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InstantHookups Review 2024 What Do We Know About It?

InstantHookups Review 2024 What Do We Know About It?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 18-36
Profiles 4 360 560
Reply Rate 71%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick matchmaking mechanism;
  • Online users receive the message about the match and react instantly;
  • Easy in use and compatible with any OS and device;
  • Outdated design;
  • Many cool features require payment.

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Brief Introduction

Romantic needs change with time. Hence, new services like InstantHookups arise in order to satisfy those needs. Lately, the reason why people go and search for dating apps is not only love and romance. It evolved into something more specific. Satisfying your basic physical needs has never been easier than with the use of apps that match you with the desired partner instantly. InstantHookups appeared just in time to meet the high demand for hookups that do not require long registration and routine. The brand started functioning in 2016, and it is managed by Quad Strategy Ltd. The company is working on constant improvement of the site and its features. Special attention is paid to the user’s privacy. Although the head office is based in the UK, the services of the site are provided in many English-speaking countries. Its main intention is to get people to connect within seconds and have their sexual pleasures satisfied instantly. Adult dating with the app is much better and fruitful.



All the services promise to set people up to have different purposes. It is mostly the site for serious romantic relations. Thus, the InstantHookups app was designed to help people who have no serious intentions and do not want to be judged or interrogated about their intentions. In short, this app exists for you to be honest with yourself and find someone as honest as you are. It offers speed and quality service for quite a moderate price. The quicker you want to get something, the more you need to pay, though. If you want to get an nsa relationship, it is the right place to go.


The principle of work is not very sophisticated in a good way. There is no need to register and fill in multiple compatibility forms and get approved. The app lets all the volunteers in. No worries about the safety, though, because it is all covered in the privacy policies. The site has an abundance of sections. It is versatile in terms of sex&relationships services. You can browse through every section for free. Every tab has a whole new area, and it looks like a separate website. For example, the tab ‘webcams’ has a set of related services different from instant matching ones.

How to become a part of InstantHookups community?

How to become a part of InstantHookups community?

Upon entering the site, you get a popup window and a short introduction. It asks you to answer some questions before you get started. Consider it a registration procedure done. For safe casual dating, these questions are more than enough, and your profile should not be as long as on some other platforms. The questions include your sexual orientation and preferences in a partner. One of the vital questions is your location. You can date internationally, but it is better for you to choose someone you can actually meet, so someone close. When deciding on a location, you can specify the country, state, and even a city or town. It optimizes the options range when the matching algorithm is working on the selection for you. So, looking for sex with the app is not hard work at all. The six-step registration brings you to the pool of singles almost instantly.

As to the technical side of the procedure, it is quite outdated. You need to give your email address and then wait for the link, which might take some time. It is worth the prey you get later but could be faster. There is also a field for indicating your username. There is no requirement for the username, so you are free to hide your real name and surname for privacy purposes.

How to get a date

Matching on hookup sites works in a standard way. It requires profiles and the consent of people to share them. Then there is a certain type of algorithm according to which the system connects profiles that look compatible. There is a downside to the sites that have very detailed requirements for the potential matches. It means that if a person does not meet one or two of your criteria, you cannot meet them. With the InstantHookups website, you can see all the matches that are close to you and have the same intentions. It means that your pool of potential lovers increases. The list of matches offered daily is long and versatile.

What about the members of InstantHookups?

What about the members of InstantHookups?

There are a number of factors that make up the reputation of any dating service. They include user-friendly design, good matching systems, and people who use them. There are various types of users with different backgrounds on any site. Some come from richer and some from poorer places, some have it all figured out, and some have issues in their lives. The quality of the membership pool depends on the prices of the site as well. So, to know hookup sites that actually work to your benefit, see if they tick all your boxes. With InstantHookups, you open the door to the pool of single, horny, and open-minded people. They are looking for a non-judgmental, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. The age categories covered are 18 – 25 years old, 35 – 45 years old, and 50+. The largest group you will find is 18-25 years old among women and 35- 45 years old among men. The female to male ratio is a healthy 2 to 1. Speaking about the geographic aspect, there is access for people from all over the globe. However, there is a distinct geographical area that prevails. English-speaking and Hispanic countries are numerous. They are followed by Asian and Middle Eastern countries like China and India. The nationalities represented on the site include Portuguese, French, Chinese, South African, and more. Hence, you are not going to lack a racial variety.

Avoiding Fakes

Being online gives you a lot of opportunities but also carries some dangers. It does not make it unworthy of trying. It only means you need to think about the cautions and be aware of scams. For guys and girls who want sex, safety measures are applied by the app. Certain parts of the profile are covered, the buttons to block users are introduced, and most importantly, the guide to dating online is designed. InstantHookups is proud of the full-scale tutorial on how to not get burned with the dating but get laid instead. A couple of tips that can help include:

  • Checking a person’s bio and asking the questions on it to see if the answers match. If someone is mixing age and location, it is an obvious sign;
  • Seeing the gallery and asking to send a photo in the moment of speaking. It should not be a big deal for someone to send an instant photo to you.
  • Check the ‘Forum’ section to see if the profile was reported before;
  • Read the instructions on how to communicate in instant messenger to avoid violating the rules. The same applies to the partner, and if someone tries to force you to break the rules, it is a potential scammer. InstantHookups does not take responsibility for the external links that someone sends you. The rule says to ignore them, so it is your decision and consequences if you get scammed or a virus over the link.

InstantHookups Platform Design

The color of the site is mild and not irritating to your sight. It looks outdated, though. The grey and blue palette are not helping with the looks. Despite the poor design, the site has some very attractive features. InstantHookups chat is a good way to communicate and find people here and now. Other features include webcams, dating tips, videos, games, toys, stories, celebrities, and more. When it comes to usability, InstantHookups wins the hearts of most daters out there. It is a platform where you can watch your favorite porn and meet someone who will reenact your favorite video in reality.

InstantHookups Mobile and Web Versions

Sending InstantHookup messages is possible via any device. You can use either a web or mobile version from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Setting up your casual sex date has never been faster and easier. It takes two seconds to type the information and send your location to a person.

Unusual Features

Traditionally any dating site has a set of features that help people text and sext. The same applies to the InstantHookups service. However, in this case, the site offers more than meeting for sex. It offers a place to spend leisure time with activities for an 18+ audience. Read on to find out what kind of activities you can entertain yourself with.

InstantHookups Communication Features

One of the most amazing things about the site is Forum. It is a place where people discuss their ongoing dating situation. If you have any doubts or fears about online dating and being indiscreet about your sex desires, Forum will boost your confidence in many ways. Kinky stuff, funny situations, fears, complexes, and more are discussed in different subsections. It is not information from imaginary experts but from real people just like you who are in the process of discovering their sexuality.

InstantHookups ‘I Envoy’

This program is present on many sites, not only dating ones. It enables every user to create a character that will represent them. Imagine that you want to be a superhero or some cartoon character when you date online, and the site will let you create your image. A fun and creative way to meet people but also means that some bots are present. Be aware of the conversations with robots that only want to boost your interest but are not real people. They exist on all sites by default but should not disturb your piece. When you communicate, try to ask unusual questions to find out if it is a real person talking to you.

InstantHookup Cams

Are you having a rough day? Want to stay home, but you are horny? Use InstantHookups webcam service to save the day. It contains real-time videos from other users. In addition, there is a section with celebrities. So, you can select an amateur show or the one that a professional does. Go with the mood, and you will not be disappointed. The section is divided into subsections. One of them is ‘General.’ It is of particular interest if you are new to the site since it contains reviews of the most important news in the sex industry. You can find the best movies, magazines, articles, and video recommendations there. Besides, there will be a list of websites that can satisfy your interest specifically.

Money Talk: How much does it cost to be on InstantHookups?

Consider the prices and features that come with them before you get a subscription. Certain subscriptions cover more features that could improve your experience greatly. There is no free trial, so you need to select the plan that works best for you.

Non-paid package

The package that is traditionally called basic includes only a couple of features.

  • Profile makeup and publishing;
  • Uploading photos;
  • Using basic search filters.

Premium Package

To navigate the site without hitting dead-ends, you need to purchase a membership of premium level. It will include all the features that the site has to offer. Among them are:

  • Access to better quality video and photo materials;
  • Access to most webcam shows without additional charges;
  • Access to all profiles on the site and permission to contact any user you like.

The price of such a membership is about $50 a month.

How do safety & verification work on InstantHookups?

InstantHookups site does not require verification over the phone. They only verify the email to see if you are a real person. All the messages and notifications about them can be sent to the address you indicate on the stage of registration.

How legit is InstantHookups?

The brand has been on the market for a couple of years, and its reputation proved to be good. It grows the membership base every minute. You can check out the stats on the main page of the site to see how many people get registered and get paired up on the site.

It is a legitimate service with proper policies and terms of use.

How does anonymity work at InstantHookups?

You only indicate your email for registration, and it is not displayed anywhere else. All the contact information is banned from profiles to protect privacy. Every user also gets to choose a nickname.

User Support

There are multiple ways to contact support. One of them is via the section ‘Customer support’ that you can find in the roll the list in the top right corner of the main page. There is a form that needs to be filled in and submitted. The form asks to specify the type of question (technical problem, billing, etc.). All requests are typically processed within a couple of hours.

What services are similar to InstantHookups?

Some alternatives to InstantHookups include Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr. They all target similar audiences but have different pricing policies and approaches to matching algorithms.

  • Tinder is a beast in the world of quick dates. It has transformed over the years since people started looking for serious relationships there lately. InstantHookups remains the site that serves to hook up purposes solemnly.
  • Bumble has similar matching principles as all mentioned above. However, it is more focused on women deciding to create a match. It is a woman-driven hookup platform.


Here are some of the questions about InstantHookups answered to help you navigate the platform and make the right choices.

Why do people use InstantHookups?

The site is used for finding quick sex dates and hookups. The name is pretty self-explanatory. It is a matching tool for those looking to satisfy their desires without getting attached or involved with someone long-term.

Is InstantHookups a reliable website?

It is better to describe InstantHookups with a couple of words to get its vibe. It is a casual dating community that serves the needs of people in a rush to get in bed with each other. Besides, it is a platform for everyone willing to discuss pressing issues of their private life, intimacy, romance, or just joke about topics for adults. The site guarantees a sufficient level of security and comfort for users. A low level of risks and not numerous fake profiles make the site worthy of use for your casual needs.

Is InstantHookups a site in competition with Tinder?

There is no doubt that Tinder is a strong competitor to any site. Yet, it is worth considering InstantHookups for its best features like the speed of matching and transparency. The app works according to a well-known and publicly announced algorithm. Meanwhile, Tinder has been accused of hidden settings that prevent you from finding matches, which in turn forces you to pay for extras. If you want to meet for sex here and now, it is better to use InstantHookups.

How to get rid of an InstantHookups account?

When you register on InstantHookups, you get offered an agreement. It includes the information on your account, privacy, and the procedure of terminating it. When you have a free account, it takes a second to delete it. When you pay for the subscription, the procedure will be more complex. Since there is no return of money when the account is terminated on your behalf, it is better to do it at the end of the month. Use up all the resources that the chosen subscription gives you and close the account. For that, you need to open an InstantHookups account and find termination in the settings. Click on the button, and your profile will be gone. It means that other users will not see it, and you cannot restore it.


St Margarets, Albert Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5PZ


The InstantHookups review shows that this service can offer many features. It is up to you to apply them to the right things. If you register, you get a chance to entertain yourself and diversify your sex life and relationships with other genders. Regardless of your orientation, you can log in and browse all the volunteers to have fun. Your location can be set to as close as people around the block. Imagine that there is a person waiting for a good sexual experience just in the neighboring building. There is no chance that you will start sexting in a grocery shop. When you are represented by the profile on a sex dating site, you have more than 100 chances a day to get a fuck buddy or a one-night stand. Get to experience all the pleasures of sexual intercourse with people who want no attachment and have no judgment for you. The only thing that stops you from being satisfied tonight is hesitation, and it is a bad feeling to have for a grownup. Adult hookup works in a very simple and accessible way.

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